puffy pancakes

I filed “make puffed pancakes” somewhere in my brain many years ago.  I was pleased that it surfaced one Friday morning afternoon when I thought about making regular pancakes because I hadn’t gone grocery shopping so there was nothing else to make for breakfast lunch.


Then, instead of using my KitchenAid mixer, I decided to manually mix the ingredients because that would mean using my new heavy whisk and my new heavy round-bottomed mixing bowl.


I had purchased said whisk and bowl after I was reprimanded in that chocolate cooking class.  “Whoa, whoa whoa!  You’re not making meringue!” said co-head chef Nick.  It was then that I realized that whisking eggs and things could be fun, if you had the right equipment.


I whisked flour, eggs, and milk together with a pinch of salt.  Then I added some everlasting vanilla extract (it’s been going strong for 2 years) because I like vanilla.


As you can tell from the first picture, I melted the butter in the oven.  No, I do not know why I take such pictures.

Then I smeared it all around with a basting brush.  Then I zoned out and forgot what I was doing.  Because it’s relaxing to paint butter on glass.


I should take up painting again.  (No I should not.)

Simon walked into the kitchen as I was pouring the batter into the pan of melted butter and said “Yorkshires!”.


I chucked.  Yes, chuckled, and said “No Simon, it’s a puffed pancake.”  Then I proceeded to hand-whip the cream.



Whilst whisking, I smugly told Simon how I “was really starting to develop cooking instincts.”

Then I took the puffed pancake out of the oven.


Again, Simon said “Yorkshires!”

Then I stared at the puffed pancake and remembered the ingredient list and realized I did in fact just make one giant Yorkshire pudding.


I’ve made Yorkshire puddings dozens of times before!  Still, I did not notice that’s what I was doing.


So much for “cooking instincts”.


Simon said his childhood friend’s mother would make giant Yorkshire puddings like this and serve the roast dinner inside them.  Hat tip to you, Simon’s childhood friend’s mother!

(The puffy pancake was really good.  Recipe from here, I just added some vanilla extract into the batter.)

OH!  How rude of me… Happy New Year!

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  1. This is so funny, I’m seriously laughing right now. Scrolling down, the picture of it coming out of the oven I shouted, “Yorkshire!”. Damn, I’m hungry now.

    • Hahaha! Well, at least they are easy to make! Maybe you can make one now?

      Sent from my iPhone

      • Still no oven! However, I will try to make one with my microwave oven this weekend. Why am I seeing “Sent from my iPhone”? What happened to your HOX?????

      • Oh no, still no oven?! Yeah I sold my HOX and have an iPhone now. I never “got” Android even though I did try, and ended up resenting my phone. Then like every single member of my family got an iPhone and I wanted to have iMessage and FaceTime to be able to chat with them.

  2. I’ve made this before but in a cast-iron pan. We call it a Dutch baby. Not sure why . . .

  3. ginger and scotch

     /  January 22, 2013

    Funny – I dreams of beef wellington last night but they were in the shape of Yorkshire puddings. Must be some Yorkshire pudding vibes being sent out from Mother England. Love that a simple implement like a hand whisk will make us forget about fancy mixers :)


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